International Private Lending

The most attractive interest rates and beneficial
loan terms and conditions obtainable

- This page provides a comprehensive Summary of our Private Lending Services -

Capital Access Financial (CAF) is an international private lender that underwrites and executes private placements of major loans for qualified borrowers from US$2 million to US$500 million or more. Loan funds come from Europe with the interest rate tied to the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) - not the U.S. Prime Rate - at simple interest - not compounded interest - with semi-annual payments in arrears. There are absolutely no loan covenants or restrictions on the use of the loan proceeds, and there are never any up front fees. Our client-borrowers can custom-craft a unique repayment schedule with maturities up to 7 years or longer, a grace period up to 2 years with no payments, plus loan extensions and no-prepayment penalty. As an example, CAF clients may currently borrow for 5 years fixed rate at approximately 4.28%. Many commercial borrowers currently pay Prime+2 or more (Prime+2 is currently about 8.00%) with restrictive terms and conditions that do not measure up to CAF's uncommon and extremely favorable terms and conditions. Our mission is to quickly reward our clients with the most attractive interest rates and beneficial loan terms and conditions obtainable anywhere.

The company's Private Lending Services empower our clients to rapidly seize emerging business and financial opportunities by readily accessing loan funds with easy-to-understand documents, easy-to-follow underwriting procedures, and absolutely no lender interference in the borrower's business. Loan documents are uncommonly clear, simple, short, and minimal in number. In fact, only two simple letters are required to start a loan transaction.

CAF is a superior alternative to raising funds in the traditional commercial lending arena. For borrowers utilizing these services, the cost of capital is substantially lower than that of conventional sources. Clients realize significant interest savings, exceedingly valuable benefits, greatly enhanced financial agility and exceptional speed in receiving loan proceeds.

Corporations, individuals, partnerships, multinational companies, institutions, municipalities, and foreign government agencies comprise CAF's client base. Funds may be used for any lawful venture.

To qualify, the borrower must arrange for a top-rated commercial bank listed in the international banking directory, The Bankers' Almanac, to be willing to issue and deliver its Standby Letter of Credit or Letter of Guarantee to assure loan repayment. The Financial Guarantee fully eliminates the risk of loan loss, allowing CAF to reward its clients with exceptional interest rates along with valuable terms and conditions that are not obtainable elsewhere.

Other forms of guarantee include Unsecured Promissory Notes of substantial companies such as Fortune 1000 firms, the borrower's Promissory Notes co-guaranteed by an accepted major bank, the Sovereign Guarantee of an accepted foreign country, and others are readily accepted as the guarantee. Important institutions such as Colleges, Universities, Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Trusts, and accepted Provoncial Governments, Municipalities and Municipal Agencies may also issue a special unsecured Municipal or Institutional Guarantee.

The most frequently asked question by prospective clients is - "Why should I secure a guarantee from my bank and borrow from Capital Access when I can borrow directly from my bank without a guarantee?" The answer is simple… CAF provides substantial savings over what a bank charges. Moreover, the bank cannot possibly offer the beneficial and highly valuable terms and conditions CAF can offer. Our clients are rewarded with substantial interest savings, greatly accelerated funding, simple interest, absolutely no loan covenants or restrictions, grace periods, and valuable other advantages banks and traditional lenders cannot match.


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